Money doesn’t come with instructions and even if you have some aspect of financial knowledge; what you don’t know can hinder or stagnate financial growth. During these economic times, having a retirement plan is not enough, so what else should you be putting into place? This is why Funding An Empire™ was created.
Every other Month, Funding An Empire™, hosts transformational seminars called Mind & Money Makeovers.

Let’s talk about Marriage & Money. Funding An Empire™ hosts marriage seminars that focus on Financial Intimacy because money issues are not just about money. Couples that learn how to communicate and work well together regarding their finances always win!

Tearanie Parker has also been and continues to be a speaker at women’s conferences, business symposiums, financial workshops, churches, colleges/universities, or other types of women’s events. Are you looking for a dynamic speaker that addresses the mindset as well as wealth strategies? Then you must book Tearanie Parker for your next event!